Have a FAT lie-inAt my recent language exchange night I learnt a new phrase. Faire la grasse matinée. I love this expression which simply means to have a lie-in or literally translated, have a FAT morning.

Now, I love my bed and love nothing more than to have a lie-in. It hadn’t escaped my notice that the Toulousains do too. I asked my friend at the exchange night, is it just a Toulousain thing? No, apparently all over France faire la grasse matinée is very much appreciated. Well, I had noticed that. Wondering around town late on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Many a passer-by appearing to have stumbled out of bed and onto the street with an air of nonchalance.

In my former London life this would just be seen as downright lazy; too much to do, not enough time, play hard, work hard mantra etc. So it seems I’ve inadvertently  landed myself in a place that truly understands and appreciates the meaning of se reposer; restingNot only can I indulge in the wonderful cuisine in this region, but now I can have a FAT lie-in too without feeling guilty.

Thank you Chris for sharing this wonderful expression. Unfortunately I will only enjoy using it in conversation and will probably only get a chance to indulge when my little ones are not set to wake up at 7am each morning. Unless anyone’s up for baby-sitting…the whole weekend!

Photo © Eoin Mundow