Green Juice MondayIt’s Monday morning, rather cloudy outside and a busy day ahead awaits me. No better day than this to start juicing all the lovely fruit and veg I bought in the market yesterday.

Inspired by a friend who recently came back from Thailand after a juice detox week, my juicer, collecting dust in the cupboard is back on the shelf where it belongs and ready to be put through it’s paces.

I used to juice regularly when I first moved to Toulouse. The amount of fresh produce available in the market was too good to be ignored and with a lack of juice bars in Toulouse it was beter to make my own. There are only two such places that I’ve come across. One juice bar which shut down as soon as it opened. I only managed to try it out once and was disappointed. Not all the juices were fresh, extortionate prices and less than tasty juices. The only other place I tried out (Le Paradis du Fruit) has also closed down, although faired better than it’s competitor. It seems strange that juicing wouldn’t be more popular in a city where temperatures soar in Summer and a refreshing juice would be an ideal antidote. It’s obviously something that hasn’t taken off in Toulouse or just hasn’t been done the right way.

In many ways it’s easier to just make your own if you own a juicer and a good excuse to visit the markets in Spring and Summer and choose from the seasonal offerings. Today I’m going green. Apples, kiwi fruits, cucumber and  a handful of the biggest spinach leaves I’ve ever seen! Looks like pond water, but it’s sweet and tasty and my five-a-day already taken care of…and it’s still only 09:30! Let the day begin.

Green Juice MondayThe Goodness in my Green Juice

Cucumber – Full of minerals and high water content. A natural diuretic.
Kiwi fruit – Rich in vitamin C and full of potassium. Boosts the immune system.
Apple – Minerals, vitamins and fibre. The king of fruits for the great health benefits it contains.
Spinach – Iron, beta-carotene and vitamin C. Great for the digestive and cardiovascular systems and all round health booster.


I visited the marché du boulevard de Strasbourg to buy my fruit and vegetables.


Photos © Karen Reid-Mundow